Welcome to Freedom German Shepherd Rescue! We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue comprised solely of unpaid volunteers that share the common goal of saving neglected, abused, and abandoned German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes from shelters, owners who can no longer keep them and partner rescues. Due to limited volunteer availability, we can only adopt to residents of North Carolina at this time.



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As much as we hate to do this, effective immediately, we are no longer accepting adoption and foster applications until further notice when we can safely complete home visits. We will resume once the CDC has ensured our communities are safe from COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience but we need to ensure the safety of our applicants and our volunteers. We hope all of our rescue families and followers are staying safe and healthy. We appreciate all of your support and dedication to our rescue. #safetyfirst

Featured Dog - Kimber

About Me: Hi All! I'm Kimber’s foster and caregiver, and I must tell you I have never owned a German Shepherd before. A friend asked me, I if would be willing to help save Kimber's life by providing a home for her until she could be adopted. She was destined to be put down in a couple of days, and my friend was convinced that she was a good dog and deserved to live. She saw the love in Kimber’s eyes and knew commands immediately. After agreeing, I thought to myself, what have I got myself into? When she arrived, I was quite surprised to find that she was such a sweet dog who had kisses for everyone. She was playful and passed my trainability test. Looking back now, it seems unbelievable that someone would ever want to put down this quiet, loving, and sweet dog.

About Kimber: Kimber is approximately 4 years old, and about 70 lbs., but don’t let that scare you. She still has a little bit of puppy in her. I'm sure this is because she has not received a lot of training in her lifetime, but I think she just wants to have fun and love her person. She is easily corrected, and is food and praise motivated. She learns really quickly! Because of her age, she is a quiet dog that just wants to please her person. She’s not a barker. She loves to give kisses in hopes of having her back scratched or her belly rubbed. She sits for you to put her collar on, kennels upon command, comes when you call her, and will sit to hand signals and snacks. She is still learning “down” and “shake,” but I have no doubt that she will get it down soon. She is also working on stay, and really does well from the laying down position, but still working on stay from the sitting position. She loves going for car rides, but does get a little woozy in her tummy if you feed her just before or after the drive. She would rather ride then eat!! Kimber enjoys chilling in the backyard with her person, plays fetch super well, and loves going for hikes and runs. She does really well on leash, and will not try to walk you as long as she has her pinch collar on. She works well with the pinch collar and has been trained with this tool. She will need to have her training continued with this type of collar, as she will definitely back out of the others. She will try to put her paws on your shoulders gently, but she corrects easily with “down.” She is also crate trained and potty-trained, but of course, she would much rather be left out in the home. The Best Home for Kimber: Kimber does well with adults and never met a human she didn't love! So far, she has done well with dog-respectful, well-mannered children. My 8-year old neighbor's son will come over to play with her, and he is always assaulted with lots of Kimber kisses! She truly does love people and is very gentle toward them. Although Kimber wants to be with other dogs it is best that she is the only pet in the home. She has not had enough socialization with other dogs to know how to act and to understand their language, so unfortunately, she has had a couple of small run-ins with other female pups. She may do well with a submissive male with close monitoring and training. Her future home must be willing to either work with a trainer, or work with her on a consistent basis, so Kimber can continue to blossom into being the best dog that she can be. A home with a 5-foot tall fence is a must, as she LOVES to run and lie out in the sun. She needs to be able to play ball and exert her energy when needed. A home that has a runner or hiker would be fantastic also. So, if you think you are the right home for Kimber and can continue to help her blossom, please let us know. Kimber has lots of kisses just waiting for you!! Kimber is being fostered near Asheville. If you are interested in making Kimber a member of your family, please reach out to your adoption coordinator. If you do not have an adoption coordinator, please complete an adoption application at https://freedomgermanshepherdrescue.org/howtoadopt.html.  

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